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Please contact the Post Membership Chairman, Amery Vasso, with your questions about:

New Membership

Transferring Your Membership

Paid Up for Life


Correction of Information

Address Changes


Your best first step is to contact the Membership Chairman.

whartonlegion91join@gmail.com or whartonlegion91@gmail.com

(973) 349-4777

The new Membership Board in the Post Bar - instructions and forms are provided in each of the larger boxes. Also the box below the board is the lockbox for applications and dues.

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You are reminded of the following from the National By-Laws; Article IV, Section 4. A MEMBER whose dues for the current year have not been paid by January First (1st) shall be classed as delinquent. If his/her dues are paid on or before February First (1st) he/she shall be automatically reinstated. IF he/she is still delinquent after February First (1st), he/she shall be suspended from all post privileges. If/she is still under such suspension on June Thirtieth (30th) of such year their membership in the American Legion shall be forfeited.

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New Members Recruiter Incentive Pins:

National Commanders Pin : 3 New Members or 1 New Member

New Member is defined as a New Member for 2017 who was not previously a member of the American Legion in 2016. Contact Membership Chairman Vasso for details and application!

2017 Membership Target Dates

1st Target 50% in Trenton By September 9th DONE!
2nd Target 55% in Trenton By October 7th DONE!
3rd Target 65% in Trenton By November 10th
4th Target 75% in Trenton By December 8th DONE!
5th Target 80% in Trenton By January 11th DONE!
6th Target 85% in Trenton By February 1st DONE!
7th Target 90% in Trenton By March 1st DONE!
8th Target 95% in Trenton By April 5th MISSED!
9th Target 100% in Trenton By May 3rd MISSED!

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Post 91 started a new outreach to ALL members in order to ensure the Post has important information regarding its members. We have found that important details are missing for many members, which makes it very challenging for the Post to accomplish the following:

Communicate with Post Members

Properly Recognize Members

Know When Members Pass Into "The Post Everlasting"

Rest assured that the Post will safeguard this information and the American Legion NEVER sells nor shares your membership information to ANY outside organization. Your information is used only for American Legion purposes, of which you are a member. Without complete information it makes it difficult to provide the services our members have earned and understanding our Post demographics can assist in making a compelling proposition to those who we want to support our efforts for Veterans, the Community, Youth, and Nation.

Please contact Trish Wilson and Glenn Nemeth, who are leading this outreach effort (whartonlegion91adjutant@gmail.com)

Below is the form we are requesting members to complete - you can download the picture below and print it - then you can email, mail, or drop it off at the Post.

Or if you are at the Post we have the same forms available to you.

Remember if you sign up for MyLegion.org you can update this information yourself!